As the CEO of BVPD, I am deeply gratified by the journey we have embarked on since 1997, driven by our commitment to serve the farming community with expert human resource management and labour relations services. Since both Alna and I come from social services backgrounds, we understand the profound significance of people and healthy relationships that entail good communication.

Even though we have grown significantly throughout the years, our core values remain unwavering. Our dedication to fostering healthy relationships between employers and employees rooted in proactive communication, has solidified BVPD as a trusted resource in the agricultural sector.

Staying attuned to industry trends has allowed us to provide our clients with up-to-date information and effective solutions to the challenges faced by employers in the industry. Our emphasis on service delivery is matched by our belief that people come first. Our team is always prepared to offer friendly and expert advice to anyone who requires assistance.

As we continue to evolve and innovate, we remain committed to building a culture founded on respect and transparency. Our aim is to be a transformative force in the agricultural industry, while never compromising on ethical conduct, integrity, and compliance. These values not only define who we are but also preserve our company’s reputation which is one of our most valuable assets.

Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct is not just an obligation to our customers, business associates, and the communities we serve – it is a testament to the dedication of our talented employees and the trust of our loyal customers. We understand that safeguarding our reputation demands unwavering commitment, as it takes years to build but can be tarnished by a single questionable act.

In this ever-changing landscape, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, guided by our principles and motivated by the profound impact we have on people’s lives and the farming community at large. Together, we stride forward, embracing each challenge with determination and a shared commitment to building a better future for all.

– Magda Vorster, CEO of BVPD

Magda Vorster en Alna van Antwerpen
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